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“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

Calm down in a few minutes

Anger is not good for anyone, especially you! With evolve, you can let go of your anger within a few minutes and come back to equilibrium.

Improve your response to anger

Respond to anger mindfully rather than react mindlessly. We’ve designed our anger content to help you understand the root cause and deal with situations positively.

Variety of proven techniques

Reduce your anger with techniques proven to restore the balance in your mind and body,  developed with leading psychologists.

The science of anger management

What is anger?

Anger is a strong emotion where one feels ill will for another due to a sense of deliberate wrongdoing. If we get angry, we feel an intense, negative wave of emotion towards another person because we feel hurt and frustrated due to their actions.

What are the symptoms of anger?

Short term symptoms

When angry, our body releases adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones into our body, while serotonin (a feel good hormone) reduces. This leads to an increase in frustration, headaches, rapid breathing, elevation of heartbeat. There is intense shaking and a build up of emotions within waiting for release. When anger stays in your system even for a short duration, it can have an adverse effect on your immunity and overall health. It’s important to calm down quickly after you feel angry.

Long term symptoms

The effects of long term uncontrolled anger are high blood pressure, heart issues and constant headaches. Mood swings, irritability and increase in aggressive behaviour is also common. The high levels of cortisol can also cause a loss of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain.

If you have anger issues and are often unable to control your emotions for over 2-3 months, it’s okay but Evolve isn’t the app for you. We would be happy to put you in touch with a professional and help you. Write to us at for more.

What are the causes of anger?

Everyone has been angry in their lives. One can get angered due to a sense of injustice, a personal loss or even due to a fight or argument with friends and family. This perceived sense of wrongdoing or deliberate sabotage by another person causes anger. One can be angry eveb because of something as simple as missing a train, being unable to watch a movie or seeing your favourite team lose a match. Violation of personal space, physical threats, shaming and abuse of any kind could trigger within us as well.

Evolve will help control anger and put a positive spin on it, thereby allowing us to process it better and respond mindfully.

How to control anger?

When angry, it’s normal to feel low, frustrated and worked up. However, we cannot allow anger to stay in our system for long. It’s important to respond to anger wisely and not react without a thought. With Evolve’s guided audios you can show yourself some love and overcome anger. Our guided audios can help to:

  • Improve your response to anger and negative emotions
  • Calm down within a few minutes with our proven meditation techniques
  • Reduce the amount of cortisol present in your body and relaxing your mind
  • Find your natural breathing rhythm and flow
  • Identity the root cause of anger and process it
  • Feel better and regain overall balance of body and mind

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