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Anger. It’s a common misconception that anger has a sudden onset and comes with no warning. Sure, there are certain triggers that set off your anger but there are definite warning signs that anger is brewing within you. Each person has their own personal warning signs. It’s important to know and recognise these warning signs to control anger.

By getting more in tune with your body and mind, you’ll be able to recognize the signs early. Over time with practice, you will be able to cultivate this habit. As a result, you may be able to respond better and manage your anger more effectively.

Knowing the signals will help you control anger

Watch out for these 7 signs to help control anger

Clenching of fists. One of the classic signs of feeling angry. You subconsciously start to clench your fists as if you wish to punch something. It’s a sign of anger building up within you.

Clenching your fists is a sign that anger is coming and you need to control it.

Knots in the stomach. You start to feel uncomfortable and nervous with tightening in your stomach. This might be a sign you are angry as it comes from the unpleasant thoughts and feelings in your mind, manifested in your body.

Rapid breathing. When anger starts to build up, your body’s very first response is rapid breathing. You get hyper, start taking in more oxygen and hence your breathing rate increases. This is why deep breathing or breathing exercises can help you calm down and control anger.

Feeling hot. When angry, your body starts to produce more adrenaline and there’s a sharp increase in heart rate. Your heart rate increases because your body senses immediate threat around you. As a result of this increase, your body temperature rises and you feel hotter than usual. Which is why you should cool down when trying to control anger!

Feeling restless and trembling. As you get angry, you start feeling more on edge and restless. Anger triggers your stress response and as a result, your hands and body may start to shake or tremble. Hence, it’s important to allow your body to relax, release tension in order to control anger.

Increased irritability. When angry, your mood turns sour and you feel annoyed easily. You start snapping at people, be rude and be in a bad mood without a reason. It may be because something triggered you and you may be angry because of it. Thinking about happy things and visualising a calm scenario help control anger.

Feeling of running away. When feelings of anger start to arise, adrenaline levels in your body increase. This triggers your fight and flight response. As a result, you feel like running away from a situation and want to be alone. 

It’s important to recognize the warning signs and control your anger before it controls you! These are just some of the warning signs and you may experience something else when angry. Prolonged or long term anger comes with many health problems and you should know how to overcome your anger, be it via guided meditation or various anger management techniques! It’s also good to know how to react when angry, and you can keep in mind these things when angry.

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