Here’s 6 Tips To Manage Anxiety Headaches

Are you experiencing headaches when faced with anxious thoughts or uncertainty? If so, you’re not alone. Anxiety headaches are one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and stress. The sharp uptake in cortisol leads to your blood vessels tightening, causing headaches. Dealing with anxiety and stress is the only way to reduce the anxiety headaches. The relief is great, especially because these headaches can last for 30 minutes to several hours!

By learning how to manage anxiety, you can overcome anxiety headaches and other anxiety related symptoms, to give yourself relief. These are quick and easy and will allow you to stay balanced for hours on end. 

Here are 6 ways to manage anxiety and get rid of anxiety headaches

Sleep. One of the biggest reasons for tension and anxiety headaches is lack of sleep. Anxious thoughts might be keeping you awake at night, or you may not have got proper sleep. As a result, you experience headaches. Napping for a while, doing relaxing activities pre-bed time and getting proper sleep can help you manage anxiety and find relief from anxiety headaches. Try Evolve’s joyful guided audios to help you manage anxiety and fall asleep within minutes!

Evolve's guided audios will help you manage anxiety and reduce anxiety headaches.

Release your tension. A great way to reduce tension and manage anxiety is to practice a simple exercise which helps release tension. Get comfortable and take a deep breath in, deeper than you’ve taken all day. Then, tighten your fists and your body for about 10-12 seconds. Once that is done, slowly exhale through your mouth and relax your body entirely. Let out a big sigh as you do this. As a result, you will be able to reduce tension stored within your body, helping you get rid of any anxiety headache you’re experiencing. 

Show yourself some love. When anxious or stressed, your serotonin levels drop. This hormone helps you feel good and reduces any tension in your body. Hence, it’s important to show yourself some love when you’re experiencing anxiety. Eat some food you enjoy, take a moment to appreciate yourself or do any activity that brings you joy! This will help boost your serotonin levels and manage anxiety. Try our show yourself some love audio today!

Express your feelings. Sometimes, the best way to manage anxiety and feel better is to lighten your mind. You may have a lot of worries and fears troubling you. Talk to a loved one and share your feelings with them. Once you start talking, you may be able to release thoughts and emotions you’ve kept in for a while. This release will help you feel lighter, balanced and manage anxiety. 

Stay away from light. A big cause of anxiety headaches is sensory pain. Bright light, loud noises can trigger anxiety or tension headaches. At such a time, going to a quiet and dimly lit room can help you feel better. Moreover, the peace and quiet can help you process emotions better and allow you to manage anxiety.

Meditation. A sure fire way to manage anxiety and reduce stress. Meditation helps you settle down, acknowledge your thoughts and move on. It helps you process your emotions and brings positivity to your day. In fact, guided meditation for anxiety takes the pressure off you and allows you to manage anxiety quickly. Evolve’s guided audios on declutter your mind, calm your racing mind or show yourself some love are simple and effective audios. As a result, you can manage anxiety and relieve anxiety headaches.

These 6 ways can help you manage anxiety and if followed regularly, reduce the frequency of anxiety headaches too! Follow good practices that ensure you manage anxiety, live a proper lifestyle and eat a diet that allows you to stay stress free! Knowing how to respond when anxious is key to fighting anxiety.

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