How to Keep Calm Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created an unprecedented situation across the world. People are working from home, practising social distancing, nations are in lockdowns and tensions are high due to the uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus.

It is normal to be feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed during these times. Remember, you are not alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged that the outbreak is causing stress among people. We’re offering simple tips on how to stay calm, reduce your anxiety and stress, and keep yourself occupied in the midst of these times, in between washing your hands, obviously.

Follow these simple tips to stay calm and happy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Social distancing not disconnecting

A simple way to help curb the spread of Coronavirus is to practice social distancing. Stay away from people and remain indoors. This could mean that you may not be able to meet some of your friends and family for a while. This is where you must remember, there is no need to disconnect. The internet and social networking sites are always there for you. Call your family often, play games online, watch movies with friends and be there for each other through this period, as you are stronger together. Make your screen time productive.

Learn new skills

This is an ideal time to learn a skill you didn’t have time for earlier! Many online academies are offering free courses due to Coronavirus! With more time indoors, you can even start cultivating a new hobby! Embroidery, knitting, writing are all simple things you can do in order to keep yourself occupied and your mind light. Another great way to rid anxiety is to use a colouring book. It’s therapeutic effect calms your mind, makes you happier and is a fun activity that can even involve your child or another member of your family!

Read books

Now is the ideal time to take a journey into faraway lands with books. Pick up a book from your shelf, that you’ve been meaning to read and give it the attention they deserve. It is a simple and effective way of engaging your mind and ridding it of any anxiety.


If you can’t go outdoors, go indoors. The best way to reduce stress and anxiety arising due to Coronavirus and the lockdown is to meditate. Meditation allows you to not only get in touch with your mind and body, but also stay mindful and in the present moment. Guided meditation can help make it easier as you are instructed and guided through the entire process. It is a simple way to refresh your mind and stay happy. Read more about the benefits of meditation and guided meditation here

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Breathing exercises

Another way of staying calm amid the Coronavirus outbreak is to practice simple breathing exercises and focusing your breath. When anxious, we tend to breathe too rapidly or slowly. Focusing your breathing is a powerful and simple way of correcting it. A few simple breathing techniques throughout the day can help you clear your mind, stay in the moment and keep you calm & balanced. One way is to close your eyes if possible and inhale deeply for 3-5 seconds, hold your breath and exhale at the same pace. You can do this any time, anywhere and its benefits are instant!

Evolve’s guided meditation on deep breathing is a great starting point to help you stay calm.

Send gratitude

In the midst of these challenges, sending gratitude and reflecting on positive thoughts can help you find peace, keep you healthy, reduce stress levels and keep you happier. Just take 5 minutes of your day to reflect on what makes you happy and send a compliment or positive energy to whoever comes into your mind. This simple act of  gratitude can help you stay present in the moment It also allows us to be in a better place with a positive outlook on things while staying calm during this pandemic.

Rely on reliable news

It is normal to constantly check for updates about Coronavirus and monitor your news feeds and timelines for the same. This can have a significant impact on your anxiety levels. A good way to combat it is to switch off automatic news updates on your phone and checking national and international health websites periodically rather than social media sites that end up alarming you and increase worry.

Happy tasks

A simple way to stay calm and find happiness during this outbreak is to do anything that makes you happy. Watch your favourite movie, re-watch a sit-com, cook your favourite dish, call a loved one, play with your dog (remember – dogs and cats are unaffected by Coronavirus), do indoor gardening, journal your thoughts or even find some simple at-home exercises to physically recharge yourself! Do small tasks that give you happiness and you will find yourself feeling better instantly!

This is a tough time for everyone, remember you are not alone. Reach out to loved ones for help and talk to people when you feel lonely. Do not medicate unless prescribed by a doctor and take proper precautions during these times. Practice social distancing and avoid going out unless absolutely necessary. 

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