Low Self-Esteem: Understanding The Signs

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What is low self-esteem?

Self-esteem refers to a person’s own subjective point of view of their own self-worth. How good, confident, proud, ashamed etc. you feel etc you feel about yourself. In case you don’t feel good about yourself and think you have many unwanted or negative qualities, you may have low self-esteem.

It’s easy and common to disregard low self-esteem as a character trait, phase or mistake it for humility and modesty. However, low self-esteem has long-term damaging effects. They may be everyday issues such as  not speaking up in class or work meetings. Moreover, it could be longer-term threats, like relationship problems and low self-worth and anxiety.

In order to understand more about low self-esteem, it’s important to know the signs of low self-esteem!

Understanding the signs of low self-esteem:

  1. Always feeling guilty or saying sorry
  2. Not speaking up
  3. Undermining your own actions
  4. Not valuing yourself
  5. Loud voice in your head

Always feeling guilty or saying sorry. A clear sign of low self esteem, you always feel guilty about small things you do for yourself. And, you end up apologising for things that are out of your control. It could be something as small as when your internet stops working or if apples weren’t available at the local supermarket. You feel you are to blame for any discomfort or problem created around you.

Not speaking up. You think the room is too cold? You ordered Pepsi and got Coke? No problem, you won’t speak up because you don’t want to offend someone or put your needs first. You will be okay settling for what you got, rather than what you wanted. It’s a common sign of low self esteem. As a result, you have difficulty speaking up and prioritizing your own needs, wants, and feelings.

Undermining your own actions. You have difficulty making your own decisions and choices and after making them, you are always wondering if you did the right thing. Even if it does go well, you will wonder what you could have done better and feel it was not the right move for you.

Not valuing yourself. One of the biggest signs of low self esteem is not valuing yourself. You feel like you don’t deserve good things, you aren’t capable of having more and think you’re not good enough. Sometimes, this can lead to unfulfilling or toxic relationships; unsatisfactory or low paying jobs; and overall lower standards. This is because you are content with what you have and too scared to rock the boat and ask for more. You also have a negative self-perception and think people will not accept you or like you the way you are.  

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Loud voice in your head. There’s a loud voice in your head that says you’re not enough. It is constantly critical, abusive and negative and won’t ever say a good thing about you. This is a sign of your low-self esteem which does not hold true, but it’s what you feel because it’s normal for you. You will constantly reprimand yourself, say something negative and it’ll be a culmination of everything listed above. Moreover, It will lead to you not believing in yourself and feeling down. If you have that voice in the back of your head that tells you are dumb and stupid, you should know, that it can and will go away. 

How to solve it?

Low self-esteem is a problem and it’s important to know how to grow in confidence, feel positive about yourself and feel better. The first step in solving a problem is recognising that there is one. So, do the above signs resonate with you?

In case you resonated with this list, try listening to Evolve’s guided audios on channeling positivity, show yourself some love and just let go. They will help process negative emotions, feel better about yourself and help you understand that you are a good person who deserves all the good things in life. 

If you want some professional help, feel free to write to us at info@evolveinc.in and we will anonymously connect you with a qualified expert who can help.

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