Breathing Techniques & Exercises

How does breathing help you?

Breathing techniques and exercises with Evolve

How does breathing help you?

Reduces stress and anxiety

Breathing exercises help normalise your heart rate, allow you to stay in
the moment and allow you to process one thought at a time. As a result,
it is effective in dealing with stress and anxiety.

Fall asleep in minutes

Breathing techniques such as 4-7-8 breathing and belly breathing are
help you fall asleep within minutes as they activate your parasympathetic
nervous system which helps your body and mind relax and switch off.

Easy way to practice meditation

Breathing techniques and exercises are one of the most common and
effective meditation techniques. Inspired by Pranayama, Evolve’s
breathing meditations are designed to help you meditate to refocus,
reduce stress and fall asleep faster anytime, anywhere