5 Tips To Improve Focus When Learning New Things

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Learning something new requires focus and we all face issues to concentrate. It’s key to improve focus and concentration. Do you resonate with any of the below situations?

  • You decide to start studying at 10 am. Something happens, it’s already 10:05 am and you think to yourself, I may as well start at 10:30 am. 
  • You’ve got just 4 pages left and it’s close to dinner time, and you think, I’ll do this tomorrow. 
  • You have just sat down to study and you see an Instagram notification that derails you for the next 15 minutes

When it comes to learning a new task or activity, concentration is the most important. When it’s new there are a lot of unknowns, which require you to give your utmost focus to grasp a new concept. Be it a hobby, some new work or study material, it’s important to concentrate properly, overcome distractions and learn quickly. In order to improve focus when learning any new task, you need to know certain hacks and tips that can help you. 

Here’s 5 concentration tips to improve focus when learning something new

Try productivity techniques. Using classic productivity techniques such as Pomodoro, Kanban method or Eisenhower decision matrix can help. How? Your workflow is better organised, you’re more in control of your workload and you can speed as and when needed. These techniques provide structure and hence help you improve focus and boost concentration. This is very important when you’re learning something new and there is a lot to cover!

Meditation will help improve focus and concentration when trying a new task.

Eat right. You’re probably wondering, how is this related to focus? The food you eat helps you refresh, stay energized and gives your brain fuel to perform better. Eating certain foods will help boost memory, improve focus and concentration. Hence, incorporating them into your diet is a good start! As a result, it’ll keep you sharp and focused.

Take regular walks. A walk is a great way to re-tune your mind and bring back your focus. It serves as a break between hectic sessions and helps you recharge. Moreover, getting on your feet after a period of sitting down and studying can help increase blood flow to your brain, which helps improve focus and concentration. Try mindful walking on Evolve for free today!

Taking walks to recharge can improve focus.

Meditate. Meditation can help improve focus as it helps you respond to distractions, keeps your attention on a single moment and relaxes your day and mind. You can balance your thoughts, declutter your mind and give yourself that little bit extra to keep going! In case you’re stressed while you’re figuring everything out, meditation can help reduce your worries and improve your focus. Listen to Evolve’s audio “settle your thoughts” and check it out for yourself!

Play memory games. This is a simple way to make your break productive and keep your brain sharp! Simple games like sudoku, crossword puzzles or mindfulness exercises like mindful counting can help improve your focus. It’s quick, easy, fun and most importantly, it’s effective. As a result, this will keep your creative juices flowing and you’ll be able to approach the new task with ease.

Improve focus and concentration by playing memory games to keep the creativity flowing.

Learning new things, trying new hobbies and upskilling are extremely rewarding, but can be stressful. At such times, it’s important to take care of your health, eat right and get enough sleep. Work smart, work hard and take regular breaks to stay balanced. Assess your focus levels, know how to cope with stress and follow these simple techniques to improve focus and get the best out of yourself! This will be good for your body & mind, and for your personal growth!

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