How To Focus on Studying: 4 Simple Tips

When studying, focus and productivity is key. Studying at home and attending online classes to Covid, brings extra stress and unnecessary distractions. Hence, knowing how to focus on studying and boosting productivity is important. These simple tips and hacks will ensure you can be efficient and focus on studying with ease, 

4 simple tips on how to focus on studying

  1. Break it down
  2. Set a focus time
  3. Hardest task first
  4. Take a break

Break it down. Breakdown what you’re studying into smaller chunks and manageable sections. One long chapter can be broken down into sub topics or a particular number of pages. When it’s something smaller and less daunting, you can focus on it better and achieve your studying goal. This will help you be more productive, approach studying with a lighter mind and focus better.

Set a focus timer. You heard it right! Set a timer or alarm on your phone for a duration of your choice. From 25 minutes to 45 minutes, whatever you’re comfortable with. Once the timer begins, focus on studying without distractions for that time period. After that, take a small break and go again. This will help you set aside all distractions and focus on studying with ease. There is a similar productivity technique called Pomodoro Method which ensures better focus and productivity.

Hardest task first. Quite a straightforward technique on how to focus on studying! At the start of your day, assess what you need to study. From all those chapters and topics, there will be one or two which you don’t enjoy or find particularly difficult. Start your study session by finishing that topic first.. By finishing that bit or studying a chapter you don’t enjoy, it sets you up well for the rest of the day. You look forward to nicer things and improve your focus. As a result, your productivity will increase as your hardest task for the day is done!

Take regular breaks. Every so often, take a break and take a walk. The movement will ensure you don’t feel lazy or lethargic and it will help blood flow to the brain, which ensures better focus. Once you’re done with a sizable portion of studying, take a break to relax your mind and recharge. Don’t stimulate your brain by checking social media or talking to a friend, but take a short walk and do nothing. In fact, you can even try Evolve’s walking meditation or listen to a short focus guided audios to settle your thoughts and refresh yourself. When you come back to your desk, you’ll be able to ready to go again.

These simple tips on how to focus on studying will help you study better, improve productivity and improve your attention span. Knowing how to respond to distractions and following a lifestyle and practices that help you improve focus and productivity. 

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