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Working from home has completely changed the way we work. One of the biggest complaints for every corporate employee has been the number of virtual meetings. These come with various hiccups like technical glitches, poor connectivity, strain on eyes and lack of focus from the attendees. In fact, it’s normal to find your attention drifting while the meeting is taking place! At such times, it’s important to know how you and your Team can improve your focus for a virtual meeting.

These tips are simple, actionable and won’t take more than 2 minutes. The result = improved focus during your next team/client call, with you being able to participate and achieve more than usual!

5 steps to improve focus for a virtual meeting:

Get to balance before a meeting. It’s important to be balanced before a meeting. You should feel comfortable and calm, with no distractions in mind. To focus for a virtual meeting, you should do something that balances you. Be it listening to a song, drinking water, light stretching or anything else. This will help you stay attentive and contribute positively to your meeting.

Tidy up your surroundings before a meeting to improve focus.

Tidy up around you. Put aside anything around you that could be distracting. Your cell phone, a notepad or any other object that could get your attention. A cleaner surrounding leads to a clearer mind. As a result, you will improve focus during the meeting.

Declutter your device. After cleaning up your physical space, start to declutter and tidy up your virtual space. It is a virtual meeting, after all. Close all unnecessary tabs on your browser, documents on your laptop. Moreover, shut all apps on your phone that aren’t needed. It could take up to 20 minutes for you to refocus after a distraction. Reply to any email or message at that moment, rather than for doing it during the meeting when someone else might be talking! As a result, you improve focus and stay attentive throughout. 

Improve your focus for a virtual meeting - Declutter your device!

Get comfortable. Comfort is key. Ensure you’re seated upright with a proper posture, and comfortable to stay in one place for an extended duration. Take a few deep breaths to clear your thoughts & settle into your seat. Have a sip or two of water to hydrate yourself as well. 

Be positive. Before the meeting begins, picture the people who will be attending the meeting with you. Send them a compliment in your mind and express gratitude. Think of communicating and interacting with them in a positive manner and having a productive conversation. This will help you relax, feel good and hence, start the meeting on a positive note. 

To sum up, clean up what’s around you, ensure nothing distracting is open on your devices and take some time to get comfortable in your seat. By doing this you feel lighter, calmer and ready to attend the meeting! Your improved focus will help you stay positive and participate in the meeting without worry. A settled and balanced mind will lead to improved focus and better productivity during the meeting! Try out checklists to assess your focus levels as well.

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