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During these times of Coronavirus, when you’re working from home and adapting to your new surroundings, keeping your focus can be difficult. You may often find your attention drifting from place to place due to distractions at home and the new workplace surroundings.

This is a simple checklist of items for you to follow and keep in mind before your next day of work. As a result, you’ll do away with distractions and improve focus. It’s a challenging and difficult environment, but it’s important that you employ all tips and tricks that can make your experience better.

Here's a checklist to help you improve focus when working from home.

Work from home focus checklist

Before you start working from home

Clean your desk and ensure your environment is tidy and comfortable ✔️
Take a moment to settle your thoughts and find your focus ✔️
Create a structured schedule for your day, it’ll help improve focus ✔️
Ensure your workspace is set up in an efficient way that helps your posture and allows you stay comfortable ✔️
Find a good headset or pair of headphones to help tune out distractions ✔️

While you are working from home

Ensure to eat your meals on time ✔️
Drink enough water and stay hydrated by keeping a bottle close by ✔️
Take regular short breaks to help you ease tension, refresh yourself and improve focus ✔️
Take a small walk around your room and stretch your muscles to help blood circulation  ✔️
Keep your phone aside to avoid any distractions ✔️
Practice breathing exercises to balance your body and mind during the day ✔️

After the work-day

Make a note of what went well and what went wrong ✔️
Take some time out to exercise and refresh your body and mind ✔️
Take some time to destress by doing things you enjoy.
For example – read a book, watch some TV, take a long bath
Go to bed on time to give your brain and body time to switch off and recover ✔️

Following these checklist items will help you improve focus when working from home!

You can follow these points and keep yourself sharp everyday as you navigate the new working environment. Following these checklist items is just a start, make it a habit and you’ll be able to stay balanced everyday and improve focus when working from home. Try to settle your thoughts before the day begins or after you’ve taken a break. As a result, you’ll be able to stay focused, alleviate work pressure and improve productivity. 

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