Time Management Skills To Master Working From Home

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Work from home has its pros and cons. No commute, home comforts and you can stay in pajamas all day! However, work boundaries are blurred, there’s many home chores and it’s difficult to find your focus! In order to keep the focus steady and improve productivity, time management is very important. Knowing how to balance everything on a proper schedule can help you be more productive. 

Here are some time management and other tips to keep you focused and productive!

Structure your day. Structuring your day and creating a schedule for work will help provide clarity and a good rhythm. Ensure to pencil in time for breaks and meals. Moreover, your schedule should account for important tasks and less important tasks with a clear demarcation between them.

Structure your day and it will help you manage time when working from home

Bunch tasks together. Group similar tasks together and get them done in one go. Replying to emails, updating spreadsheets and social media management are certain tasks you can group together. 

Set timers. A simple time management tip is to set timers. When starting a task, as per your schedule set a time limit for it. If you’re starting to reply to emails, reserve 15 minutes for it and make a hard stop when that time elapses. This way, you can keep track of time, keep the work moving and accomplish more!

Time management is an important skill to master working from home!

Limit mobile phone usage. When working, distractions are common. The biggest one is your mobile phone. You open it to check a message and then 20 minutes later you’re still checking something on social media. It can eat up a lot of your time and reduce productivity. Try and keep non work related mobile phone usage to a minimum, checking it briefly only during breaks.

It can be difficult to focus after using your phone. Limit its usage for time management when working from home.

Keep a time buffer. When scheduling your day and setting time for tasks, keep a time buffer. Sometimes, due to certain distractions, calls or last minute changes you may run out of time to complete a task. By having that extra time buffer, you give yourself the comfort level and allow yourself to increase productivity by completing tasks.

Reward yourself. A great way to increase your productivity and give yourself a boost is positive reinforcement and rewards. When you complete a task, take a moment to compliment yourself, take a short break or just smile. 

Work around energy levels.

You know yourself best and understand your energy levels as well. You know when during which time of the day you feel motivated and energised to work! Since nobody can be productive at the same level through the 24 hours, get a major chunk of your work done when your energy and motivation is high. Keep it in mind while planning your schedule.

Working from home has become a very common occurrence now, due to coronavirus lockdown and it looks here to stay. Arming yourself with tips to stay productive can only benefit you in the short & long term. Whenever you get distracted, you should know how to regain your focus. Learn how to unwind post work as well, as that will help you for the next day.

In case you’re unable to focus, meditation for focus is a great way to balance your thoughts and allow yourself to achieve more! Check your focus levels with our assessments and other handy tips to help you navigate work from home better!

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