Visualisation Meditation: 3 Exercises To Try

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Visualisation meditation is one of the most effective meditation techniques.

So what is visualisation meditation? A powerful technique where you can visualise yourself in various surroundings or environments to engage your senses through imagery. By imagining a specific visualisation, you get a chance to stay in the moment, observe your mind and notice physical sensations. This is what makes it a unique and different type of meditation. These scenarios are designed to lower stress, improve focus, practice gratitude and help you sleep better

There are various types of visualisation meditation exercises. Here are some that you can try to get started with visualisation meditation.

3 visualisation meditation exercises to try

  1. Visualisation meditation to lower stress and anxiety
  2. Visualisation meditation to sleep faster and better
  3. Visualisation meditation to practice gratitude and feel positive

Let’s learn more about these below.

Visualisation meditation to lower stress and anxiety

This is a simple visualisation meditation to help improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Here’s what to do:

  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  • Imagine you are in your most favourite place in the world. It could be anywhere in the world that makes you happy, preferably someplace you’ve visited or familiar with well
  • Imagine you are there right now, with your loved ones feeling safe and happy
  • Picture it clearly and think of the happy memories associated with that place
  • Notice how thinking about it and being back there makes you feel
  • What thoughts and emotions are running through your mind?
  • How is your body feeling and how is it responding to these memories?
  • As you notice these things, feel the happiness and positivity surge through you
  • Channel that positivity and happiness into the rest of your day

This visualisation meditation helps you think of a happy place, increases positivity and helps you relax. As a result, any stress or tension you may be feeling drops. This is a simple practice you do anytime, anywhere!

Evolve’s guided audio ‘just let go’ incorporates a similar visualisation meditation exercise that will help you reduce stress and feel balanced in under 5 minutes.

Visualisation meditation to sleep faster and better

This visualization meditation exercise incorporates mindfulness techniques and will help your body and mind relax. As a result, you can fall asleep faster and get better sleep. Here’s how to practice it:

  • Take a quick look at your surroundings while lying flat on your bed
  • Slowly close your eyes and breathe normally
  • Start to picture the room you are in right now
  • While keeping your eyes closed, look around and recreate what the room looks like
  • Notice the cupboards, the colours on the wall and the position of the clock
  • Keep scanning your surroundings slowly while noting everything in your room
  • Once you’re satisfied, keep your eyes closed and you will soon drift into a sleep

This visualisation exercise helps you stay mindful, keeping your total attention in the present moment. As a result, you feel calm and balanced. It’s a great way to switch off your mind and body and the familiar presence helps you unwind as well!

Visualisation meditation to practice gratitude and stay positive 

A simple visualisation that helps you practice gratitude! Gratitude is a great way to lower stress, add meditation to your day and become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. With this simple meditation, you can practice gratitude in 2 minutes!

  • Start by getting comfortable, be it sitting or standing
  • Think of someone you want to express gratitude towards. This person could be a friend, a loved one, a stranger you saw on the bus or someone you idolise
  • Picture their face clearly and then think of a compliment you want to give them. It could be anything positive, a quality, a good deed or if you can’t think of anything, just a thank you for being there
  • Imagine messaging  them that compliment via your cell phone
  • As the message delivers to them, visualise their face as they open your message
  • See how happy that person is to see your message and receive a compliment from you. They are grateful and you have made their day
  • How does their happiness and reaction make you feel? Does it make you happy and give you joy?
  • Use that positive feeling and channel it into the rest of your day

Gratitude meditation is a proven type of meditation that helps you become a happier and healthier person. It starts by developing kindness and positivity towards yourself and others. This visualisation meditation is a great way to start practicing gratitude and making it an everyday habit!

Evolve’s audio ‘send a gift gratitude’ helps you practice mindfulness and express gratitude with a simple visualisation in 2 minutes!

Visualisation meditation is a simple meditation technique that can help you transform a negative situation into a positive one. Moreover, it can help you feel better, sleep better and improve focus and productivity too!

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