What Is Candle Breathing?

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There are many different breathing techniques available to you. Each of them have their own benefits and help you balance yourself. Breathing exercises and techniques are a great way to practice mindfulness, meditation and stay in the moment. One such breathing technique is called candle breathing. No, it doesn’t involve an actual candle, but it does involve a visualisation exercise. 

What is candle breathing?

At the surface, this is a simple breathing technique which can help you in various ways. Let’s understand it fully.

Also known as the blow out the candle breathing, this breathing technique requires you to visualise a candle in front of you. It could be candles on a birthday cake or an individual candle. Whatever you prefer is exactly what is in front of you.

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Find a comfortable position to sit in, preferably upright. Place one hand on your chest. Now imagine the candle is lit and your aim is to blow out the candle as you breathe. Take a deep breath in. Then, exhale through your mouth and blow out the candles in front of you! That’s candle breathing. Do this on repeat for as many times you are comfortable.

It is a simple deep breathing technique which can help you in numerous ways. The birthday candle visualisation makes for a positive experience too, as you’re thinking of birthdays and happy memories!

How does it help?

Candle breathing has numerous benefits for your body and mind, including:

  • Helps you calm down and relax
  • Helps normalise your breathing rate and heart rate
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Allows your body and mind to sleep
  • Manages anxiety and helps you sleep

To sum up, this is a simple and effective breathing technique and meditation. You can try it anytime you need to take a break and relax. Breathing is a great way to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your day. It’s a great habit to actively include in your daily routine as well. 

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