4 Simple Home Remedies for Sleepless Nights

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Are sleepless nights bothering you? Sleepless nights are a very common problem faced by teenagers and millennials alike. There are a variety of reasons you may experience sleepless nights and it is important to recognise that early. Sleepless nights cause sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness, which come with its own set of health issues. However, it’s important to understand the causes and more importantly, overcome the problem. Usually, home remedies for sleepless nights work the best. This is because they are simple, natural and easy to try!

4 simple home remedies for sleepless nights

  1. Guided meditation
  2. Herbal teas
  3. Calming music
  4. Reading

Guided meditation. If you are suffering from sleepless nights, this is the best remedy for you. Guided meditation helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy good quality sleep every night. This helps switch off your body, allowing you to relax and feel balanced, rather than restless and awake. Moreover, since it is guided, you need not do anything but listen. Meditation is a great home remedy for sleepless nights as there are no negative side-effects and totally natural. Sleep meditation will lull you into a deep sleep rather than have you tossing and turning at night. Guided sleep meditations can include music, sleep stories or audios with proven techniques to help you sleep faster. Evolve’s joyful guided audios follow proven techniques used by experts to help you overcome sleepless nights and fall asleep faster. 

Herbal teas. Herbal teas are a good way of improving your sleep and preparing your body and mind to switch off for the day. The antioxidants and minerals present in tea make it a natural cure against insomnia and thus, one of the simplest home remedies for sleepless nights. Try chamomile, passion fruit or even your everyday tea for a good night’s sleep. Just stay away from green tea at night, as it contains caffeine which harms your sleep. 

Calming music. One of the best home remedies for sleepless nights. This is because listening to calming music helps you relax, wind down and allows your brain to switch off. Put on sounds of the rain, waves of the ocean or a soothing breeze. These sounds are known to create restful sleep and hence, help you sleep better. In fact, sleep music is good at increasing happiness and inducing deep sleep!

Reading. Reading a book helps reduce stress. It decreases blood pressure, lower heart rate, and reduce stress. According to a 2009 study, stress is reduced up to 68% just by reading! By letting go of stress and switching off your body, you’re allowing yourself to sleep better. Thus, reading is a simple home remedy for sleepless nights and it’ll help you overcome the problem.

You can fix the problem by recognising the signs early, trying these simple home remedies for sleepless nights and incorporating good habits into your daily routine. Find simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety and incorporate mindfulness into your day. As a result, you will find yourself enjoying better sleep and being in a happier state of mind.

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