7 Simple Ways To Sleep Better

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Sleep is important. Benefits include stable energy levels, good moods and overall good health. Our mind and body require adequate sleep to function properly. 

If you have trouble falling asleep, don’t worry, it’s common! Adults require 7-8 hours of sleep every night to feel well rested and attack the day and often ask – How to sleep better?

Tips to sleep better

Less screen time

We know you love social media. But picture this – you’ve had a long day at work, come home, eaten dinner and have an early morning too! Why spend your last waking hour staring at a screen? Minimizing light and sound around you and reducing screen time before sleeping will definitely help.

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No midnight snacking

Yes, we know! Snaccidents are really common, especially at night. However, eating heavy meals or snacks right before you go to bed can affect your metabolism, and how much quality sleep you get. Instead, drink some water and eat your last meal at least 3 hours before you tuck in.

Cancel caffeine at night

Cutting down on the caffeine is a great way to sleep better.

We all love a steaming cup of coffee, obviously. But let’s limit our caffeine intake for when the sun is shining. Caffeine consumption late at night stimulates your entire body and nervous system, not letting you relax properly, takes hours to wear off and worsens sleep quality. Following this simple sleeping tip will help you fall asleep faster!

Guided meditation

When you meditate at night and stay in the moment, you rid your mind of negative thoughts and the body of any stress. You find clarity and happiness, and bring yourself to balance. This helps you sleep better and fall asleep faster, while improving overall quality too.

Find a routine

A regular sleep cycle always helps! Being consistent can aid its quality and help you rejuvenate when you wake up too! This will help your brain relax and condition itself to rest as the time approaches, helping you as well! You can even follow certain activities every night before bed that help you relax, including deep breathing, meditation or basic stretching!

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Manage stress & anxiety

When your body and mind are not in balance, you cannot rest. If your mind is racing with thoughts and worries, you cannot relax. This can hamper your ability to fall asleep and affect the quality of your sleep. Managing stress and anxiety can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Meditating at night can help bring your mind to balance and as reduction of stress and anxiety are benefits of meditation, it is a good way to improve sleep.

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Managing stress and reducing anxiety help you fall asleep faster.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly helps release endorphins in your body, a group of hormones that help you stay active and feel good. It helps your body stay healthy and refreshes your mind, allowing you to relax and wind down at night. Don’t exercise too close to bedtime though, and allow enough time for rest, so you can sleep better.

These are some of the simple ways you can improve your sleep. Follow them regularly and you will soon see an improvement in pattern and quality. You can always look at Evolve’s range of guided audios, designed to help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. The Evolve app is now live globally on Android & Apple, click here to try for free!