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Deep sleep is the 4th phase of the sleep cycle. It’s the phase when your brain and body is resting, and you’re physically and mentally recovering. During deep sleep, your heart rate is low, muscles are relaxing and brain waves are slow. By getting enough of it every night, you wake up feeling refreshed and happy.

A deep sleep checklist to sleep better.

This is a simple checklist for things to keep in mind and follow when you go to sleep, so as to get proper deep sleep.

Listen to calming music while sleeping
Listen to a guided meditation for sleep audio
Avoid screens for at least 1 hour before sleeping
Don’t eat large meals before bedtime
Avoid caffeine and sugar rich food at night
Don’t consume alcohol at night or close to bedtime
Stay at ease and relaxed when you get into bed
Ensure the temperature in your room is optimal and comfortable

If you check these points before sleeping, there is a high chance you’ll enjoy improved deep sleep and its various benefits

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