Feeling Sleepy All Day? Here’s How You Can Correct It

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Find yourself feeling sleepy all day? Maybe you’re low on energy, bored or just sleepy everyday even though you slept at night. In case this happens to you, it’s okay. Many people face this problem and feel sleepy all day. What matters is to understand why do you feel sleepy all day and how to correct it.

Why are feeling sleepy all day?

This mainly happens because your sleeping habits or practices are not allowing you to have the best quality of sleep. Moreover, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep either. You could feel sleepy all day due to a variety of reasons. Maybe you stay up late for work or talking to friends right before bed. It could even be that you’re not giving your body and mind a chance to rest properly at night. Watching TV late at night, exposure to screens and not sleeping early enough could all be the reasons for you feeling sleepy all day. Another possible reason could be your dietary habits. Eating large dinners or carbohydrate rich food at night affects your sleep as your body is active and awake trying to digest and breakdown the food.

How do those habits translate to you feeling sleepy all day? It’s simple. Because you’re unable to sleep at night, your body and mind don’t get enough rest. As a result, you feel exhausted and tired during the day. 

There is another possibility that you could be suffering from a sleep disorder like insomnia or narcolepsy and thus, you feel sleepy all day. These sleep disorders render you unable to sleep at night and hence you suffer from daytime sleepiness. If you have been unable to sleep properly at night for more than 1-2 weeks, do reach out to a qualified expert who can help you.

How to correct this problem?

  1. Practice meditation at night
  2. Follow a sleep routine
  3. Improve sleep habits
  4. Make simple dietary changes

Practice meditation at night. Meditation is a natural and proven way to fall asleep faster. It helps you switch off for the day, reduce stress and allow your mind to relax. Try breathing exercises for sleep, guided meditation or listen to calming music at night. All of these can help you sleep faster and get good quality sleep. Meditation has a lot of benefits and can even help insomnia and other sleep disorders. As a result, you’ll be feeling better when you wake up in the morning. Feeling sleepy all day after meditation at night? No chance. Evolve’s guided sleep meditations help you switch off for the day, sleep with happy thoughts and allow your body to relax overnight.

Follow a sleep routine. Following a good sleep routine will help you reduce your sleep problems. Rather than staying up late, your body and mind will switch off properly and prepare for better sleep. If you sleep on time and rest properly, you will automatically wake up at the right time and not risk oversleeping. Simple things such as reading, mindful brushing or journaling are good habits to follow.

Improve sleep habits. Staying up late to watch TV? Stretching work a little bit extra to finish that last spreadsheet? Talking to your friends until 2 am because why not? These are all habits that lead to poor quality sleep and cause problems for you the next day. You end up feeling sleepy all day and can get fatigued easily. Instead, try and avoid screens or stimulation for at least 1 hour before bed and sleep in optimal conditions. A comfortable mattress, a good position and a proper temperature will help improve your sleep quality.

Make dietary changes. A major reason as to why you feel sleepy all day and are unable to sleep at night is because of the food and drink you consume. Drinking caffeine post 4 pm or alcohol late at night can disrupt your sleep. Moreover, eating sugar and carbohydrate rich food can also lead to poorer sleep. Instead, eat light dinners, consume melatonin rich food such as avocados, herbal teas and Vitamin C rich fruits. In case you struggle with sleeping at night, replace your snacks with nuts and eggs and improve your immunity, give a boost to your system and reap the benefits, i.e. better sleep. Eating good food at night helps you in many ways!

If you can incorporate these above points into your day, the question – “why do you feel sleepy all day?” won’t be something you need to worry about or answer. Try staying stress free and balanced throughout the day and you’ll get better sleep at night.

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