Restless Sleep? Here’s How You Can Overcome It

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A night of restless sleep is when you’re unable to sleep at night peacefully. You feel like you’re not fully asleep or experiencing deep sleep. Constantly tossing and turning to find a comfortable position because your mind is racing and feeling frustration due to the lack of sound sleep is restless sleep. It is common to experience this kind of sleep and it can get annoying and tricky as well. There are various causes for restless sleep as well.

Restless sleep leads to sleep deprivation, tiredness in the morning and a sense of unfulfilled sleep in the morning. It’s important to know how to overcome this problem and be able to sleep soundly at night.

How to overcome restless sleep?

  1. Avoid stimulation at night
  2. Sleep cycles
  3. Guided meditation
  4. Optimal sleep conditions
  5. Sleeping routine

Avoid stimulation at night. Stay away from TV late at night. Binge-watching content late at night stimulates your brain and the blue light emission keeps you awake and alert. As a result, your body and mind does not switch off but stays up. You are unable to get a sound sleep. By avoiding TV and watching content at night, you allow yourself to wind down for the night without a worry and enjoy deep sleep. Listen to our sleep audio on “after a netflix binge” in case you have watched TV late at night.

Sleep cycles. Pay attention to your cycles. Having a consistent sleep cycle where you wake up and sleep at the same time even during weekends can help overcome restless sleep. Your body and mind is familiar with your sleep cycle and knows when it’s time to switch off. As a result, you enter your sleep cycle at a set time and can enjoy good quality sleep. If you can hack your sleep cycles, you can avoid restless sleep and enjoy a sound sleep!

Guided meditation. If you have trouble sleeping or are suffering from restless sleep, this could be what you’ve been looking for all this time! Guided meditation for sleep is a hack to fall asleep faster and enjoy good quality sleep every night. Guided meditation helps switch off your body, allowing you to relax and feel balanced, rather than restless. Moreover, since it is guided, you need not do anything but listen. Sleep meditation will lull you into a deep sleep rather than have you tossing and turning at night. Guided sleep meditations can include music, sleep stories or audios with proven techniques to help you sleep faster. Evolve’s joyful guided audios follow proven techniques used by experts to help you overcome restless sleep and fall asleep faster every night!

Optimal sleep conditions. Keep your room at an optimal temperature, don’t keep the AC too low! Ensure the lights are dimmed out or switched off totally so your eyes are at rest. Use a blanket or quilt that is snug and comfortable and does not suffocate you. These little things can make all the difference. If you are relaxed and comfortable at night, you’ll be able to enjoy better sleep rather than stay awake due to restless sleep!

Sleep routine. A sleep routine is a great way to train yourself to fall asleep properly. It can be simple, everyday habits which help you relax at night and settle down. Sleep routines are a great way to allow yourself to not worry about today’s worries and tomorrow’s stress. Journal your thoughts, practice gratitude, practice mindful brushing and feel yourself feeling balanced and ready for bed. If you can incorporate a sleep routine into your bedtime, restless sleep will be just another phrase that you know.

Restless sleep is caused due to a variety of reasons that are internal or external to your system. What matters is recognising it early, not allowing it to become the norm and trying to overcome it with efficiency. 

Find simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety and incorporate mindfulness into your day and you will find yourself enjoying better sleep and being in a happier state of mind. Moreover, the hormone serotonin controls your internal body clock, so get some more of it and you’ll be happier and sleep better.

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