The Benefits of Sleeping On The Floor

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Sleeping on the floor? Yes really. There are multiple reasons why you should be trying this tonight! It’s fairly straightforward, you have to sleep on your back, with your body on the floor. With a mattress? Nope. On the hard floor (just clean your space beforehand) with a pillow & a blanket of course! The benefits of sleeping on the floor are several, but where does it all stem from?

Sleeping on the floor has ancient roots, just like medicine, math and meditation. Mattresses and plush beds are a modern-era phenomenon and it’s good for your body to enjoy the hard support of the floor every now and then!

The benefits of sleeping on the floor

  1. Reduces back pain
  2. Improves posture
  3. Fall asleep faster
  4. Improves awareness of the body
  5. Quicker mornings

Reduces back pain. Sleeping on the floor is a godsend for your spine. No soft mattress to hug your body, giving your spine a chance to realign itself and stay natural. This will reduce any back pain you might have, as long as you sleep on your back! It’s one of the key benefits of sleeping on the floor! Moreover, you also become more aware of your body, but more on that later!

Improves posture. As mentioned above, your spine is at its natural most state when you’re on the floor. It forces your back, neck, and the head into proper alignment – and this corrects your posture. And since it helps ease back pain, this also contributes to a better posture. So if you wanted a simple reason why sleeping on the floor is good for you, this could be it!

Fall asleep faster. When you’re in a natural sleeping position and your body is perfectly aligned to your sleeping surface, sleep comes faster and more naturally to you. Moreover, you may struggle to find a soft area on your mattress, but on the floor it is all the same. As a result, one of the key benefits of sleeping on the floor is falling asleep faster. You are also connected better to your body and can tune into it, so once the body adjusts, there’s nothing standing in your way of a good night’s sleep.

Improves awareness of the body.When you’re sleeping on the floor, you’re more in tune with your body. From your back, shoulders and neck to your feet, thighs and arms, all of it grounded to the floor. Moreover, because it’s a new experience, you are automatically paying more attention to your body and the sensations. You are tuning your body to ensure there’s no discomfort or tension. It’s a mindfulness exercise in itself. In fact, the somatic awareness helps you adjust your body to find the optimal position. This helps you sleep well, making it a key benefit of sleeping on the floor. 

Quicker mornings. You wake up as your alarm rings, you see the time and snooze it for just 5 minutes more. Then, you turn to one side and try to extend your sleep by a bit. However, when you’re on the floor, you’re going to end up touching a cold and hard surface, which will instantly wake you up. This way you wake up on time, get out of ‘bed’ faster and can have a quick and productive morning!

The benefits of sleeping on the floor are plenty and it’s definitely worth considering. However, if you have joint problems, suffer from sleep apnea or are of advanced age, don’t consider this as an option. Instead, figure out which is the best sleeping position for you and practice good sleep habits to get the best sleep!

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