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It is normal to be unable to sleep and have difficulty sleeping. A majority of millennials have bad sleep habits and find it difficult to sleep fast and improve sleep quality. Over time, you can incorporate simple habits into your day to navigate this problem. It will help you sleep fast, sleep better and improve your health. In modern times, sleep apps have become a great aid to getting natural sleep. At Evolve, it is our aim to help you sleep fast and get better sleep through the night. So how does it work?

How Evolve helps you sleep fast

Scientifically proven techniques. Our joyful approach and proven techniques help you sleep fast. Our guided audios designed with research and care to give you the best possible sleep. From mindfulness and breathing, to gratitude and somatic awareness, these are scientifically proven methods to balance your mind and body. As a result, they allow you to sleep fast and get better sleep.

Contextualised to your day. Our guided audios make sleeping light and simple. You drift into dreams faster as your body and mind switch off with ease. They are all contextualised to your day, so you can choose the one that fits you best. Binged on TV and now want to sleep? Our post netflix binge audio got you covered. Had a bad day and want to sleep with a smile? We got your back. Coupled with simple breathing exercises, mindfulness and reflection, our audios help you relax and prepare your body to sleep. As a result, you sleep fast and get a good quality sleep.

Joyful guided audios. Our sleep audios are joyful and allow you to sleep fast with ease. They are designed to lower your heart rate, allow your mind to rest and improve the quality of your sleep. Visualise yourself on your favourite beach, go to sleep with happy thoughts or switch off your body and mind to sleep faster and recharge yourself. Hence, with Evolve’s variety of guided sleep audios, you can enjoy great sleep.

Reduce tension and stress. Our audios are positive and help you destress before you sleep. They help you put away today’s stresses and tomorrow’s worries to bed. Moreover, your body will focus on repairing and recharging your body and getting more restful sleep. Try any of our free guided audios and sleep fast with less stress.

There are various ways to sleep fast and improve quality of sleep, including sleep apps. Bedtime habits, lifestyle choices, your diet and how you manage your everyday workload can play a crucial role. However, Evolve is always by your side whenever you need it and can help you fall asleep within minutes. The Evolve app is now live globally on Android & Apple, click here to try for free!

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