Avoid Burnout With These 7 Hacks

Burnout is caused due to prolonged stress and pressure, usually at work or sometimes even at home. It causes total mental and physical collapse and you tend to lose motivation and feel tired all the time.

It’s important to see the signs of burnout early on and take measures to avoid burnout. So, how can you avoid burnout before it actually hits you? Let’s take a look.

Simple hacks to avoid burnout

Pursue a hobby. Having a hobby allows you to destress and follow your passion. Take some time out every week and definitely on the weekend to engage in non-related work activities. A hobby that uses an entirely different skill set from work can help you refresh and give you a good break from the weekly routine. It can help increase productivity, reduce stress and avoid burnout.

Create a break schedule. Breaks are more important than you’d realise. Working from home has blurred the lines of work-life balance and long working hours take their toll. You may start work at 10 am and end work at 10 pm, giving you no respite whatsoever. This is why breaks are key during a workday. Lunch, tea, snack, post a call, whatever it is, before you start everyday, plug about 15 days every couple of hours to do something non-work related. It’ll help you stay fresh, release tension and relax.

By following simple tips, you can avoid burnout

Unplug from work. Once work is done, rather than check emails or decide work for tomorrow, take time away from work. Burnout is usually caused due to long working hours and lots of pressure, and unless you make a conscious effort to unplug from work, you won’t switch off. Instead, try a post work routine to balance yourself and destress.

Keeping a morning routine will help you avoid burnout

Keep a morning routine. Having your own morning routine and ritual helps you start everyday balanced and relaxed. It gives you a chance to be more productive and stress-free as you head into the day. By doing things for yourself every morning, you’re showing yourself some love and reduces chances of burnout.

Fitness. Keep time in your week for regular exercise. When you exercise, the physical activity releases endorphins which help your mind feel good and give you better physical health. You can avoid burnout by having a clear exercise or fitness plan. It’ll also bring you the mental satisfaction that you’re taking care of your body!

Exercise regularly to reduce stress and avoid burnout

Don’t overcommit. It’s important to know your limits, be it your workload at the office or your energy at home. Don’t take on more work than you can manage and don’t commit to plans you know will tire you out. If you have a couple of deadlines coming up, it’s okay to refuse new work for a few days. After a long day at work, you don’t have to cook a very fancy dinner or do game night with friends. It’s okay to say no and manage expectations with others and yourself. By doing so, you maintain work-life balance and avoid risk of burnout. 

Practice meditation. When you meditate everyday, you take time to connect with yourself. It helps be more self-aware, reduce stress and anxiety and allows you to stay balanced. This positivity helps you through the day and lets you navigate through situations with a better mindset. Meditation is proven to help you relax and relieve stress through simple exercises. In fact, meditating on your desk for 5 minutes when things get too much at work can help you a lot! Try meditation today and you’ll be on the path to avoiding burnout.

Burnout comes with its own negative impacts and it’s important to recognize the signs of burnout! More importantly, in case you’re suffering from burnout, you should know how to recover from it. Simple stress relief exercises, the food you eat and lifestyle changes can help you proactively manage stress and burnout.

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