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Did you know that deadlines are the #1 cause of workplace stress! You are running against the clock to finish daily tasks, send emails, submit reports, complete articles and in the times of the lockdown even finish household chores!

All of this can seem daunting everytime you look at the time. Since deadlines are so common, you should know how to react and respond in order to manage deadline stress! Here are some ways that we recommend.

Deadline stress can be countered with these 6 tips!

How to manage deadline stress in 6 simple steps

Change your mindset. A very important step whenever you’re facing a deadline. By adjusting how you approach or view a deadline in your mind, you can give yourself a better chance at meeting a deadline. View deadlines as a way to conquer a challenge, rather than a problem or obstacle.

Breakdown your task. When you see your deadline as one massive assignment, it can get overwhelming. Instead, split up the task into smaller, actionable pieces. They are easier to complete and give you a sense of accomplishment every time you finish it, spurring you on and reducing deadline stress!

Prioritise. While writing this blog, we decided that nothing was more important at that moment, than creating a framework for this article and writing it. Everything else had to take a backseat. The moment that decision was made, it became easier for us to write this in time and meet our deadline. Just that way, prioritise your pending work on the basis of their urgency and importance. Whatever needs your attention immediately, focus on it! This will give you clarity, manage deadline stress and boost productivity! Try the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to boost your productivity.

Beat deadline stress - prioritise your work!

Set aside distractions. In this digital world, distractions are plenty! They have multiplied ever since working from home became the norm, as your home environment has its own set of distractions and things which keep you occupied. Instead, close all unnecessary tabs, shut all apps and tidy up your workplace to minimise distractions. Once you’re distracted it could take you up to 20 minutes to refocus! Try the Pomodoro technique to boost your productivity while mitigating distractions!

Stay hydrated. Water is an important source of energy and focus! Water provides the brain with oxygen and electrical energy for optimal brain function, including faster thoughts and better memory processing. This will help you stay on top of the task and make sure no deadline stress affects you! Drink enough water, it’s that simple!

Drinking water will help you calm down and ease deadline stress

Mindfulness. Take some time to meditate or practice mindfulness on your desk. A few deep breaths, a couple of cycles of box breathing will help you focus, reduce any stress about the deadline and allow you to gather your thoughts, balance your mind and refocus on the task at hand. Your calmness will return, and you can ace what’s in front of you!

By following these 6 steps and staying balanced, you can perform better and give yourself a better chance of beating the deadline! Make these 6 steps an everyday part of your working routine and you will reduce workplace stress, avoid burnout and increase your productivity, deadline or no! Deadline stress can be frequent and it can be trickier facing when working from home. If you’re able to follow these tips, stay calm and learn how to stay balanced when working from home, you’ll be more productive and be able to conquer your deadline with ease. 

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