How To Manage Stress & End The Day Feeling Energised

It’s important to manage stress and energy levels during the day, so you can end your day in high spirits! By incorporating these simple habits into your day, you can stay energised throughout the day and end your workday on a positive note.

Stress is an important issue to tackle as workplace stress is the main cause of stress for over 70% of millennials! Being able to manage stress is key to enjoying your day, having job satisfaction and avoiding workplace burnout

How to manage stress and end the day feeling energised?

Create a break schedule. Plan out your breaks along with your day. Take regular breaks during working hours to recharge yourself and reduce tension. If you have a one hour call in your calendar, create a 5 minute slot immediately after to take a break before your next meeting. This will help you stay fresh, manage stress and give you a chance to refocus. This is more important with work from home blurring working hours and giving you less time for yourself.

Stay hydrated. The more water you drink everyday, the better the blood circulation in your body. It also gives you energy and replenishes the oxygen in your body. It’s also a simple way to give the brain some energy and balance yourself. Drinking water can also help you calm down when facing a stressful situation such as a deadline. 

Stay on your feet. Try and find 10-15 minutes for light physical activity or try standing & working for at least 30 minutes in your day. This will keep your body active and energetic while ensuring you release tension stored within your body! It’s simple and effective and you can do it at home! Try our mindful walking audio to manage stress between work today!

Meditate. Meditation helps with stress relief. So why not try it during work to give yourself a break? Take a moment to pause and recharge your batteries with a simple guided meditation. The best part? It takes 5 minutes and you can do it on your desk. Our pause and recharge audio is one of the many audios on Evolve under 5 minutes that can help you manage stress and energy levels during work! Give it a listen, you won’t regret it!

Mediate and manage stress with Evolve!

Don’t overcommit. Know your limits & don’t overcommit. Taking on too much is a big cause of mental drain. If you can’t do an assignment today, say no. If you can’t go for a chai break because you need to finish something, say so. You are your #1 priority and it’s important to manage yourself first. By staying within your physical and emotional limits, you will be able to manage stress and stay energized at the end of the day!

These practices help you proactively manage stress, stay positive and approach your day in an efficient and energetic manner! Taking time out to refocus, balance and reduce stress should be part of your daily routine, so you can be your best self.

Moreover, it’s important to be able to manage your energy through the day so you’re not drained when your workday ends. If you end your workday feeling energised, it gives you a better chance of spending the day with family and yourself positively!

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