Reduce Stress with 8 Activities in Your Daily Routine

The smallest things can have the biggest impact during your day. Adding simple, good habits into your daily routine can help you stay energised, balanced and healthy! These activities take about 5 minutes or less and you should add them to your day. They help you reduce stress, boost productivity and stay balanced all day!

Small activities to incorporate into your daily routine to reduce stress!

Stretches. They feel great, improve your range of motion and they definitely help your mobility as you get older. It’s a simple way to get the blood flowing, reduce stress or tension and wake yourself up. Do it when you wake up, in between breaks and before going to bed! It’s also a great way to refocus your energy and boost productivity between long work sessions.

Push-ups are a great way to build physical fitness and reduce stress.

Push-ups. A simple form of exercise, but something you can do right after stretching! It may seem insignificant, but push-ups are great. They engage your core muscles and majority of your body. It helps build muscle and over time, even 10 push ups a day will add up nicely! This is a great way to exercise and adding this to your daily routine during workdays is a great hack! 

Drinking water. Crazy, right? You’d be shocked at how little water you drink during the day. Ideally, try and consume 3 litres of water everyday. It’ll help your gut detox, your brain focus and allow for better blood circulation! In fact, it even helps you stay balanced and reduce stress during a high pressure situation, like a deadline. A simple tip, drink a glass right after you wake up. It’ll rehydrate your body after a night’s sleep.

Drinking water helps you reduce stress and tension during the day!

Relax your muscles. This is a simple way to reduce all the stress and tension stored in our body. Sit down, drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw, take a deep breath and keep your body loose and relaxed! Take a few minutes to just think about whatever comes into your head at that moment. Not only will this exercise reduce stress, but also help you process and acknowledge your day.

Journal. Making journaling a habit can help you process your thoughts, acknowledge your day and help you better. It’s a way to be at peace with the day you’ve had and reduce stress as well! Take out 5 minutes post work or before bed to write down your thoughts or 3 things that went well and 3 that didn’t go so well during the day. It’ll help you connect with yourself and be free of any negativity. Try the free journaling section on the Evolve app!

Make journaling a part of your daily routine! It'll help reduce stress and help you process your day.

Wash your face. A simple way to freshen up. Had a long call at work? Wash your face. Feeling drowsy? Wash your face. Done with work and want to do something fun? Start by washing your face. It gives you an energy boost, refreshes you and is the perfect platform to start a new task! Make this part of your daily routine, it’ll help you feel good.

Practice gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can experience. Taking time out to practice gratitude will help you stay positive, reduce stress and negativity from your day! All you need to do is send a compliment or thank you to a person who comes into your mind and wish them well. It’s that simple! In case you’re looking for more ways to practice gratitude, try our audio “send a gift of gratitude”!

Meditate. Take some time out to meditate during the day. Spending those moments with yourself, free from the shackles of everyday life can really help you relax, reduce stress and take a break. All you need is 5 minutes of meditation in your daily routine to make a difference. What’s better, it need not always be intense or require you to sit in the lotus position. Meditation can be light & joyful, through mindful walking or even your chai! Give Evolve a try and see how meditation and personal growth is made simple!

Daily routines need not always be for sleeping, waking up or post work! They can be a collection of everyday activities which are good for your personal and emotional well-being! There are many different ways to do that, these are some basics you can cover to reduce stress everyday, and stay healthy & happy!

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