The Ideal Post Work Routine To Help You Destress

Work is stressful. Over 76% millennials reported work to be a significant and primary stressor. It takes up a majority of your day and you can even face burnout if you work long hours and experience high pressure. Hence, it is important to be able to destress after a long day and have a post work routine that allows you to wind down for the day.

A routine provides comfort, clarity and familiarity. Moreover, if it works for you, you are assured of its effectiveness and it’s something to look forward to everyday. While working from home, you luckily need not commute and that means when you’re done with work, you can instantly start your post work routine.

The ideal post work routine to destress

Check-in with your colleagues. About 30 minutes before you’re about to sign off, check-in with your manager and colleagues. In case there’s anything needed from you, you can do it then. If not, you can end your day knowing everything is under control and you can focus on yourself.

By having a proper routine post work, you can find ways to reduce stress and relax

Tidy up. While working from home, it’s natural to be all over the place. You have other responsibilities at home, and things can get a bit untidy. While closing up, take the time to clean up your workspace. It’ll help you unclutter your mind, give a definitive end to the work day and it’s even a chance to practice mindful cleaning! 

Journal. At the end of the work day, take a moment to note down a few things you accomplished and did well. This will give you a sense of achievement, motivate you and feel good. As a result, you will reduce stress and think positively during the remainder of the day.

Disconnect. Take 15-20 minutes to be away from screens. You’ve spent your entire day checking emails, looking at your phone or even part of virtual meetings. Post work is the right time to disconnect from the digital world and spend time with yourself, just relaxing. Enjoy a cup of tea, or drink water. Walk around the house, sit down with a family member or stare at your surroundings. These few moments of quiet can really help calm you down, reduce stress and give you a short boost.

Wash your face to feel refreshed and destress post work

Wash up. Take a moment to wash your hands, your face or even have a light shower. This is a great way to destress and it can easily be incorporated into a routine. This will refresh and relax you, while reducing stress. It’s even a great chance to a mindful bath or shower.

Eat a snack. Work can be draining, for sure. Once you’re done with work, you may have to finish other chores at home including cooking dinner. These things are also time and energy consuming, which means a snack is definitely in order. Eating nuts, a fruit or dew biscuits can help provide some energy as well. You can even try some of these superfoods which help reduce stress!

Do something to you enjoy for post work, to relax and destress

Do something you enjoy. Once you’re done with everything, do something that makes you happy or you’re passionate about. If it’s reading a book, exercising, watching TV, knitting, or catching up with a friend, do it. Whatever makes you happy will help reduce your stress and allow you to focus on yourself. That’s what is most important, post work. You focus on yourself and balance your body and mind.

Having a routine to mark the end of your workday is really important as it helps you get out of work mode, allows you to switch off the day and reduces any stress or tension built up. By making these activities a part of your routine post work, you’re giving mental and physical signals to your body that it’s time to relax and focus on the life part of the work life balance.

A routine is a great way to stay balanced and grounded, be it at the start of the day, post work or when you’re about to sleep. You can do whatever makes you happy and brings you comfort, as long you are feeling happy, de-stressed and balanced.

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