Workplace Burnout? Take A Self-Test To Find Out!

Burnout is a common condition medical condition. It is seen in individuals who work long hours without any balance. Also seen in those working in high pressure work environments. It’s necessary to alert yourself to the warning signs of workplace burnout. In case, you’re suffering from it, it’s necessary to take steps to ensure you’re safe and can recover.

This is a simple checklist of items for you to take a self-test on your burnout status.

Answer the following questions honestly and with reflection. It’ll help you assess yourself and take necessary action if required.

In case you’re not suffering from burnout, keep going. Practice effective stress management strategies and you’ll be okay.

In case you’re on showing some signs, try and take measures to avoid workplace burnout!

In case you are suffering from burnout, here are ways you can recover and reduce workplace burnout.

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1.I feel drained and exhausted all the time, even routine activities feel like an effort.
2.I don’t feel motivated and am losing interest in my work.
3.I feel like I am making no difference at work.
4.I am unable to focus on work and my productivity has dropped.
5.The amount of work-life balance in my life is low.
6.I feel detached and don’t care about my colleagues.
7.Work puts me in a bad mood and makes me irritable.
8.I feel like I have nobody to talk to at work.
9.Work related thoughts affect my sleep.
10.My appetite has reduced drastically.